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السلام عليكم

Today, our land has been violated by them! by Israelians! by Americans! and by those who are heartless! Not because of the diesel fuel! but because they hate Islam. They hate Muslims! They hate every single things about Us! It happened a long time ago between the year of 1897 when they started to build an organization known as Zionism and 1947, they started to declare the existance of Land of Israel (meaning that they already violated Muslim people). Unfortunately, we didn't know! (maybe some already knew). Why? Because we don't know the history (itu la, suruh belajar sejarah, pergi ponteng kelas). Because we don't care to bother. Because we are busy with ourselves, our properties without thinking about our ummah. Here are all of the facts that we as Muslims should know. DON'T drag your cursor to the X sign. I want to borrow your eyes, your time for a moment. Please, I'm begging you and I'm asking you to read, to understand why they do this to us.

Nota Kaki:
1) I'm writing these in English doesn't mean that i love them. It is just a matter of fact that i want all of them (who are accidentally came to this page) to READ and to KNOW!
2) Sorry with my grammar thinggy as i wasnt focus during my grammar classes few years back (hahaha;)))
3) Correct me if I'm wrong (you know where to write)


"من أصبح لا يهتم للمسلمين فليس منهم"

Sesiapa yang bangun pada pagi hari dan tidak ambil kisah mengenai umat Islam, dia bukan sebahagian daripadanya (riwayat Al-Baihaqi dalam Shuab al-iman, at-Tabari, Abu Nua'im dalam Hilyah & al-Hakim)

Mahukah kamu menjadi "sebahagian daripadanya?" Tidak, bukan?

The Ultimate Threats of Islamic Aqidah & Principles

ولن ترضى عنك اليهود و لا النصرى حتى تتبع ملتهم

((سورة البقرة : ١٢٠))

"Orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani tidak akan senang kepada kamu hingga kamu mengikuti agama mereka..."


3 Religions (Samawi):





Facts about Jews / Yahudi

•Prophets – Yaacob to Musa AS
•Albert Enstein
•Karl Max
•Sigmund Freud
•Yossi Benayoun

Who are they?

1) They believe there are the chosen ummah
2) They think they are born to be leader of the world
3) They are intelligent and intellectual in nature
4) Other bangsa’s must show high respect towards them

Facts on number:

•1.4 billion Muslims
•14 million Jews
•Since 105 years ago, 15 jews won the noble prize and Muslims only won 3

Introduction about them:

Jews = Originate from Yahouza, 4th son of Prophet Yaacob AS
Israel means ‘You have beaten the God’ awarded to Yaacob by the Jew’s God named Yahwed

Their Teaching:

1) Jews are the true owner of The Holy Land
2) Jews are sons of Allah
3) Jews are the selected ummah
4) Gentiles are their slaves
5) The ends justify the means
6) There is no afterlife

7) God cried after the destruction of Haikal Sulaiman and the tears fell onto the earth to become earthquake & volcanoes
9) Heaven is made for the Jews, Hell is made for Gentile
10) God gives the right for the Jews to rule the world
11) Disrespect the Messengers

Their Ideologies & Holds


1) Taurat:
Muslims & Jews believe in Taurat
(Surah Al-Maidah : 44)

But, are they (Taurat) the same?

•• Rewritten 568 BC
•Holy Land was conquered by Nebukadnezar, the ruler of Babylon
•Haikal Sulaiman was destroyed and they were put into slavery
•Various style of writings
•Only few with the pure ibrani style of writing
Proven to be rewritten 700 years after the death of Musa AS

Therefore, they (Taurat) are not the same!

2) Talmud

Refers to : ‘The teachings’

3) Cabala

•Very little to be known
•Rituals & black magic

4) Zionist Protocols

-Latest doctrine (1897)
-Compilation of Taurat, Talmud & Cabala
[Confidential (Rules & Strategic Planning)]

Leaked in Russia 1901 - killed nearly 10000 Jews immediately
Every single book disappeared less than 2 days

Leaked in Arab countries and...
The Prime Minister said:
“ There is nothing to worry because Arabs don’t read. If they do, it will only for their personal intention”

Why they are so eager to attack Palestine?

Because they are so eager to conquer the land!


Palestine :

1) Center of the world-link 3 continents –Europe, Asia and Africa

2) Many people came to this place because of its strategicity, and so Prophet Ibrahim

3) During Isra' Mi'raj: It is the shortest route to go "up"

Maksud lain: Masa Isra' Mi'raj, peristiwa itu berlaku di Masjidil Aqsa. Mungkin akan ada yang bertanya: "Kenapa tak naik dari Mekah sahaja?" Ada yang berpendapat: Bumi ni sfera, mungkin Aqsa tu terletak di pusat bumi atau pun di penjuru bumi, yang mana jarak dari bumi ke langit merupakan jarak yang terdekat. Sebab itu lah al-Aqsa ni dipilih oleh Allah untk menjadi tempat bermulanya mi'raj. Tapi, ini sekadar pendapat. Kuasa Allah, kat mana-mana pun boleh kalau Allah mahukan.

And now, we learn something based on their flag (udang disebalik mee batu)

Facts about their flag:

2 lines= furat river and nil river (where Palestine located in between these rivers)

5 angles for the star: resembling their objectives which are:

i) Destroy everything except Jewish Values
ii) Eradicate Palestinians and form Israel (1948)
iii)Occupy Baitul Maqdis (1967)
iv)Build Haikal Sulaiman at the ruin site of Masjid Al-Aqsa
v) Conquer the world

Nota Kaki: Haikal Sulaiman= THEIR holy place

Their Plans:

1)Eliminate Khilafah Islamiyah
2)Destroy Al Quran
3)Destroy Muslims Aqidah with entertainments (Akademi Fantasia Dongengia, Malaysian Idol, OIAM, Cak-cak bom bersama A***L(?), bla bla bla)
4)Destroy Muslims unity (Negara Arab sendiri tak bersatu)
5)Bring doubts among Muslims towards Islam (Murtad cases)
6)Weakens the Arabs
7)Separate Muslims from entrepreneurship so they will be highly dependent to western products (MAC, Nestle, KFC, McD, Starbuck bla bla bla)
8)Destroy their women as they will destroy the rest

What have they (Jews and Christian) done to Muslim ?

1. Establishment of Investigation Court in Islamic Country
kills and tortures all the rebellious muslim by :
-burn alive
-dry in the sun
-drag on the thorn wire

2. In Ethiopia
Under Hailasilasi Administration :
-Make compulsory to all muslim to bow in front of government officer
-Violation on women
-Burn alive

-Close all islamic school and establish christian school

-Seize all the muslim lands
-Build church in every province
-Expel islamic scholars

The Strength of Islam

Former PM of Britain said that, : “ As long as muslim follows the Al - Quran, West will never conquer the East”

“ The number of muslim not declining since its appear in Makkah , their followers increase by time” said Asy’iya Bouman

Why muslims are weak?

•Quantity vs Quality
•1,476,233,470 Muslim
•Only 14,000,000 Jews
•Yahudi : Muslim ( 1:100 ) – Quantity
•Yahudi : Muslim ( 100:1 ) – Quality
•Why these happen? Education and knowledge

(Sedarlah wahai teman!)


•57 members of OIC =500 universities (none of them are currently in top 200)
•USA = 5,758 universities
•India = 8, 407 universities

•Finished school
• - 98 % - developed country
• - 40 % - Muslim country

•Enter University
• - 40 % - developed country
• - 2% - Muslim country

•230 per 1 million – Muslim country
•4000 per 1 million – USA
•5000 per million – Japan

•50 per 1 million – whole Arab
•1000 per 1 million – developed country

These are what they said:

“Miriam the hairdresser, had sex with many men”
- Talmud

(Explaination: They allow their women to do free sex with other than Israelians, while they are forbidden to do free sex among them. So while having free sex, they are transferring the HIV viruses to US (those who are stupid I mean..) Then, they (the stupido) transmitting the viruses to their wife and finally affecting the generations. So and so and so...)

The only way to build our own country is to defeat the Khilafah”
- Theodore Hertz, founder of Zionism

“3 weaknesses of today’s muslim, they don’t study their history, they don’t plan, and they are lazy
- Moshe Dayan, Former Israeli Defense


"...ramai yang bangkit menunjuk perasaan, melontarkan cemuhan terhadap Israel La'natullah alaihum, berkumpul dan menunjukkan bantahan...
Alhamdulillah ini adalah rahmat Allah yang ingin membangkitkan gergasinya yang lenamengembalikan matahari selepas gerhana

Namun, persoalannya, atas dasar apakah kita bangkit?
Ramai berapat umum, berdemostrasi tetapi atas dasar apakah perkumpulan itu?
Ingatlah perkumpulan atas dasar ISLAM sahaja yang akan kekal dipelihara Allah SWT

Bukannya kita sekadar berkumpul dan berdemostrasi menyatakan kebencian hanya kerana sifat perikemanusiaan sahaja, maka samalah BENCI kita Muslimin dengan BENCI bukan Muslim di UK, US, dan lain-lain. Hanya dibina atas perikemanusiaan bukan menyedari ini adalah PERMASALAHAN AKIDAH KITA..
Lihatlah realiti kita

"JAHANAM YAHUDI, JAHANAM ZIONIS!!", tetapi selepas berdemostrasi, kembali kepada kehidupan asal dengan ROKOK, PERKARA MELALAIKAN, dll
"JAHANAM YAHUDI, JAHANAM!", sehingga terlepas solah kerana keletihan berjahanam
"JAHANAM YAHUDI, JAHANAM!", tetapi habis barang awam dijahanamkan sekali...rosak atau dikotorkan. Jadi seperti yang saya katakan tadi, marilah kita berkumpul dan bersatu atas dasar aqidah dan iman ,bukan atas dasar emosi dan sifat perikemanusiaan biasa sahaja, yang mana tidak akan kekal perkumpulan itu." ... mhuno.

"I have Muslim members of my family. I have lived in Muslim countries," Obama said, according to a White House transcript. "My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy." Said Obama to with the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya Network today.

Selagi tentera Amerika dan Israel dan keluar dari Gaza, selagi tu aku tak percaya!


اقول قولي هذا و استغفرالله العظيم لي ولكم، والله غفول رحيم

Nota Kaki:

1) Ini sahaja yang dapat saya sajikan. Tak banyak, sikit sahaja. Saya tidaklah layak untuk berkata-kata.Akhir kata, saya minta ampun kalau bahasa yang digunakan kasar.

2) Copied & Pasted Articles from : mhuno, sob, geg.

3) Slightly edited version: me based on lecture

4) Thanks to all who had help me in finishing it either directly or indirectly.


yang lain, esok sahaja....

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  1. Anonymous On January 28, 2009 at 12:43 PM

    azah.. bintg 2 ada 6 bcu lor..cheersss

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    azah promote blog die.. good job..

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    Anonymous On January 28, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    betul la AJ, aku pon salu tido gak...

    hafizhMZ On January 28, 2009 at 9:15 PM

    saya tak penah ponteng sejarah...tak penah tdo klas sejarah...stp hari buat latihan past ear questions sejarah...sbb lagi senang drp s2d subj lain :p best pe sejarah.
    My SSM is on the Palestinian issue...

    great post...keep on studying ur history, continue to keep updated

    Syafik On January 30, 2009 at 6:22 PM

    Aku belajar sesuatu hari ni. :)

    azaHmaeL On January 30, 2009 at 10:18 PM


    1st Anonymous: gaya "cheers" tu mcm gaya Dr Anuar hahah :p ala mcm tetinggal je hahaha :p

    2nd Anonymous: salah satu cara untuk mempromote dan untuk menghebahkan something that we should know :)

    Aj: aku pon! selalu tetido. cikgu sejarah aku selalu bebulu je dgn aku hahaha :)) tapi dalm tido2 aku, aku takpenah dengar semua2 tu :p thanks to them la yang telah menceritakan huhuhu

    3rd Anonymous: sep2!~

    hafizhMZ: hebat lah bro bear! mst sejarah A+++ :p how about u post ur SSM that u did :)

    Syafik: bagus! aku pon!~ :D

    Anonymous On November 16, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    hi. first of all i want to congratulate you for making this article. It's a good effort. However, I will be pointing out some weakness for this and i will have to argue on some of your points that you had made.

    First of all the design. Too many colours and some colours that were used are inappropriate making it hard to read. In result, people can actually misread something and come to a wrong conclusion.

    Second. I want to point out about the Stars of David and the objectives. First of all it has 6 angles. Two - Where did you get the objectives from?

    Third. Please... I am pretty sure you have graduated university or still in the process of getting your certs since you mentioned about being in lectures. You SHOULD at least KNOW about Referencing. Maybe for some people what they read is what they agree on without even doing research. Having references and proper citation are to make sure that all of your points are legit.

    So that is why I can't really accept the facts that you have made here. Unable to give a proper evidences can result in giving out false information. Reason why I stumbled here is because I was trying to find evidence about Moshe Dayan quotations about the 3 weaknesses of Islam that is being viral on social websites.

    Thanks for your time if you are reading this.
    One last thing if possible, do you remember what sources you took about Moshe Dayan article? trying to find it but to no avail. Give me the name of the book or anything. Thanks again


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