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It's been a long time since we last met. Rindu kalian :)

Next time sila ikut tema yee hehehe :P

ps: US is not United State. US=Us :)


Muscle cramped as the side effects of not-warming-up-before-game. Panaflex is my solution hahaha Tomorrow will be going back to Tampin Ooohh Nooo~
Atiq dah dewasa. Dah sama umur dengan aku. Kaw tak boleh nak diskriminasi dengan umur aku lagi dah. Hahaha

Have a great BIRTHDAY and semoga kamu diberkati :)

And yet, life is fascinating and enthralling if we do things together :)


Currently in Tamping doing Public Health posting. I like Tampin compared to Temerloh as it reminds me of my kampung :) Communicate with old folks here requires soft-skill that I don't have hahahah Really infuriating