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January 2010

8:15 PM 7 contengan

Salam and a very Good Evening..

January, begining of 2010 (dah nak habis bulan January dah pun hahaha)

5 weeks since the last time I doodled something here and today I'll do the same. Haha.

The journey to the West ended last week after having patient with low lying placenta as my long case (which was unexpected) and gestational diabetes mellitus patient came to be induced (which was expected). So yeah, even the cases were easy (as ABC-my friend said), but due to adrenaline rushed and wrongly attached to the receptors, my vertebral and spinal arteries were constricted and became hypoxia. So, you can predict the rest..


Owing to 23 years of life, I'm not sure... I need His light.

New spirit! Ethos!

"Ibnu Mas'ud berkata yang bermaksud: Perkara yang paling sedih bila tibanya tahun baru, umurku bertambah tetapi amalanku tidak bertambah"

So, jom berusaha!! Gambate!

"Every accomplishment starts with decision to try"- unknown

Next week, GP (General Practitioner a.k.a kerja kat klinik) posting. Okey, so, my to-do-lists:

Friday: Ignite my 'engine' + do other work

Saturday: Go to gear 1 + other work

Sunday: Speed to gear 3 + blablabla

Monday until next posting: Proceed with gear 6 (Oh, my Mini Cooper has gear 6 hahaha) and remain still.

Nota Kaki:

Do I need to postpone my writing for the next posting? Hah. I donno

Oh by the way, just a reminder for all of us, even we are at home during daytime, don't forget to activate your house alarm system. Hah! I hate burglars!