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9:23 PM 6 contengan

Salam :)

Yeah.. Soon going to enter into miserable yet challenging year. The very final year as yet my knowledge is just tiny andd tinnyyyy as ciput as atom. As he started to ask, I'll become dreadful and pppOOpp! BLUR!

I have 3 months. 3 months before I set in my foot into my final year! Few friends chose to enjoy their hols as this is the only looooonNNgg~~ hols that we can get but others try to compensate what we should compensate. And... I'm in between.  

Hanya untuk mendapatkan semangat

Seniorku will have their final's next week. Good luck! Mungkin akan merindui kalian *Wahh pengakuan secara terbuka doh!* Ye la, lepas ni dah takde korang, sape nak sakat-sakat kitorang lagi. Well, good luck exam and years yeaarrsss to be. Moga kita jumpa lagi!

Sayonara seniors!

Jom berusaha!