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Salam ('',)
Anak2! Jangan ikut Aunt Zaza koyak kulit buku bila tak boleh tidur!
Inilah dia penangan 2 minggu dalam psychiatry posting. Insomnia! Almost a week I couldn't have a nice deep sleep. Saya berjumpa 'mereka' pada setiap malam-malam yang indah! Hampeh. Risau yang melampau!

Finally, yesterday, I slept through the alarm which was supposed to ring at 4 am and I managed to wake up at 6. 2 hours delayed. Muahaha

Nota Kaki:

Tak dapat nak bayangkan how patients couldn't sleep for 4 months or more (I had this kind of patient last week)
Went out to Pullman and Pavillion with Otai2 Whitesignature for outdoor session. I'm admiring their works. Very much! Finally, ter-granted my wish to meet them.

Ssooo in love. Sempat lagi mengajar :) Oh, I wish to rewind the moments!

I'm so happy and gay!!

Bye Fendi and Allod! Till we meet again~


Ps: I know you won't read this hahaha
PPS: ada gamba tapi malas nak upload huhuh


New posting has started. Almost all the time we will spend our day in HKL. Meeting all the psychiatric patients. Oh, I'm mental retarded right now.