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Salam :)
HDR a.k.a High Dynamic Range a technique works by merging the image's highlights and shadows. I learnt this technique not only from 'The Photographers' Guide to Photoshop', but also from a friend as well as from world wide website

1st trial, tapi macam tak jadi hahaha It's okay, asah-asah kemudian :P

Tak tahu nak bebel apa, just feeling like wanna fill my 'free' time during GP posting hahah

Okay, time to go to bed as I am under the effect of diphenhydramine (ZzZZzz)


1) If you have a trouble to sleep, my advise is try Bena hahah
2) Pernah rasa high? Try minum Cough-en or Sidilix or Bena or Diphenhydramine etc etc, tp
jangan tidur. Feel the difference hahahah
3) Post yang paling membosan as my cortex couldnt function properly ZZzzZZ