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Tak ku sangka posting kali ni sangat tough!

1st impression aku, "Ortho best" but when i stepped my foot into Kenanga 5 and 6, I feel so dejected. The environment is melancholy.

"Azah, are you going to specialize in Ortho?"- Dr Azriq.

"Hahaha, let me think"

It's totally different. I need strength to continue my winding and crooked journey. If not because of RM2500000 that i owe to JPA, you know the rest.

O Allah, ease me.
A while since my last writing. Have the feeling to write at the very first class with Mr Bob but.... Who cares. I don't. Because saya bukan penulis blog tegar hahah

Orthopedics posting is interesting. It is enjoyable (yeah I do actually) with the participation from enthusiastic specialists in Ampang Hospital and HUKM (not to be forgotten Temerloh people). Yeah. Saya semangat!

The last 3 weeks were sooo tiring and hectic.

3 weeks ago:

I need to pay a stupid postpaid bill from celcom (eventhough I DIDN'T activate it). Melayang RM150.50 aku!

2 weeks ago:

Catch up with my studies plus a seminar need to be delivered. I thought I was able to finish it in 3-4 hours. OK, I wasn't. It took 4 days for me to finish it.

This week:

Delivered the seminar successfuly but salah tajuk! Hampeh, no wonder there was a 'regurgitation' feeling last night. It's okey. I got my booster.

And currently: 0100 in the very very early morning with the booing and cheering from McD next to my crib, exploring and tracing my limbic area of my brain to start writting my case write up (CWU).

See you later. My Tomyam Maggi is about to be eaten by a monster reading this blog. So better get going before my Maggi gone and no chance at all in proceeding my CWU.