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Salam and Morning :)

This week, my friends and I have been allocated in the Rheumatology team. Went to and fro to HUKM and Ampang Hospital for clinics and rounds and teachings. Tiring but I'm trying to be positive. Well, having said so, my lunch for the past few days, were treated by my mentor. Ok I conjectured it as my birthday present. Huahaha~  

1st day: At Chili's Mid Valley


I have been diagnosed to have "Osteoarthritis secondary to excessive happiness" when I complained of having temporo-mandibular-joint (TMJ)'s pain to him. Thank you for that prof. hahaha. Saya tengah bahagia ni prof :P 

2nd day: Nandos Maluri
Oh, mungkin tuah aku pakai baju oren hahahaha Alhamdulillah :D

Nota Tangan:
Tiada idea untuk meneruskan diskusi case report saya. Tolong!!!


2:04 PM 4 contengan


Orang kata umur 24 ni darah manis. Patut lah hari ni polyuria, polydypsia and polyphagia. Physiologically.Mungkin juga ada kebenarannya. hahaha 

Daripada abang kepada abang. Yes KING!

Donna Karan New York & Sean John

Doakan kemanisan ini berkekalan. kehkehkeh


Tetiba pagi tadi dapat hadiah dari Cikgu Sungai Besar. Terima kasih cikgu

Ps: Aku nak beli dah dulu tapi tak terbeli, mungkin ada instinct orang nak bagi hahaha :P

Terima kasih semua for all the wishes and doa'. Selamat Hari Lahir kepada diri sendiri. Moga saya bahagia hingga ke syurga.


10:17 AM 4 contengan

Salam and morning ya all~

There are 3 meanings of the abbreviation of D.I.L

1st: D.I.L stands for Death In Line - which means... I dont know what does it means. I tried to search it in PakLebaiGoogle dan Yahoo, but nothing seems to appear relatively to what I'm looking for. Got this when we first entered medical posting. Cet, kene kelentong! - Prof Shahrir gelakkan kat kitorang when he heard us saying this confidently and with no doubt!

2nd: D.I.L Dangerously Ill Lists - this is the true meaning of D.I.L which was told by our lecturer after a roar laughed last night. Yeekk!. 

3rd: This is the 3rd meaning of D.I.L:

Deeply In Love
- Prof Shahrir

Nota Kaki:
To my friends that are needed to go and take their clinical exam in HoSHAS, bitawfiq wa najjah. Allah ma3na. Walaupun dengan terjahan, inshaAllah you guys can do it. Dr Lazli and Dr Fida sangat baik~ Aku sangat envy kalian dapat exam di sana. Goodluck! And to my seniors, 90 days before Pro-exam, all the best!
Salam and Good day everyone :)

"O my Lord! bestow wisdom on me, and join me with the righteous; Grant me honourable mention on the tongue of truth among the latest (generations); Make me one of the inheritors of the Garden of Bliss" -Asy-Syu'araa' 26:83-86

A fortunate case of mistaken identity. I got the 'title' eventho I'm not deserve for that yet

I just came back from Practical Rheumatology Made Easy Workshop (PRyME) that was done on 15-16th January 2011 at Temerloh Hospital. Travelled from KL to Temerloh twice in a week plus didnt make sense but I just realized how lucky and grateful I was to come to Temerloh and joined this workshop! It helped me for my coming end-posting examination plus some memorable memories over that weekend :') .

بإذن الله

I'll do my very best. Allah knows best. Make use all the chances I've got wisely and prudently. And to you, Enjoy your working hours heee~


We have been labelled as obsessive. Hah. For me, better than passive!

See. How obsessed I am. hahaha

Nota Kaki Busuk:
Started buat case report at 10 am. Then stopped at 1030 continued with my babe D90 taking these pictures and sampai sekarang tak gerak-gerak case report ni hahaha Adehhh 

Another 4 days, I am becoming an adult....
Salam. Saya Nurazah...

Gigi tanpa braces heee dan muka tanpa tut tuuttt

Dan sekarang saya tengah serabut...

Doakan saya nak exam dan mendapat ketenangan :'). Dengar cerita exam postpon. Yeehuu~ 

Nota Wangi:
Happy Birthday Abu! :') May Allah bless you~
Salam and Good evening :)

Before I close my weary and zonked eyes, sailing through this wonderful night, feeling like wanna upload pictures taken almost a month ago at Taman Melawati, KL.

Nothing much. Just a collection of mine. Selamat Malam dunia~


2 hari lagi birthday kawan saya. Selamat hari lahir!

Nota Kaki:
Banyaknya benda nak buat weh!! (T_T) Exam just around the corner. Banyak tak cover lagi wuwuw

Update lagi

1:04 PM 3 contengan

My nails are pitted. Usually, only a nail bed. But now, I noticed that I have 3 pitted nailbeds. Ya Allah jangan flare-up. Oh please Mr environment and Miss surrounding. Please go away~ Please control my cortisol level whether  consciously or unconsciously. Please. Please~

Ps: Ni bukan kuku saya. Hanya nak demonstrate kalau anda tak tahu apa itu pitting nail sahaja.
Oh kuku saya lawa lagi
I think I need my topical steroid.

Aku mahu minta maaf kat seseorang. Kalau lah aku boleh rewind, aku tanak tekan butang 'send' pada handphone tu. Biar aku saja yang simpan. I wish...

Nota Kaki Busuk:
Ni bukan fb ok nak update2 every few minutes! S*it!  


10:34 AM 2 contengan


I have deactivated my fb account for some bases. Anything interesting, please contact me here or text me :)

ps: I'll update more later on :)

Almost 3 months. 3 months my sister got married and these are the 3 month-old pictures. Hahaha

Hasil dari observation dari gambar-gambar yang diambil dari photographer-photographer yang hebat, aku aplikasikan sikit-sikit. Aku bukan tiru, hanya mempelajari. 

Disebabkan kami tidak mempunyai family photo that day (mungkin mereka lupa nak rakamkan), maka, hasilnya, kami tangkap sendiri mengunakan jasa baik abang "Tripod".

Tak dilupakan adik 'bongsu' kami, Cassey. (Bubu missing in action)
Tak ambil gambar masa akad, resepsi etc etc sebab terlalu asik melayan tetamu hahah dan terlalu excited  melihat photographers kegemaran datang rumah. Hooyeehh~

Nota Kaki:

Salam and Good Morning everyone!!


May this year is better than the yearsssss before! :)


I went to Lovely Lace Alamanda at the very first day of 2011 as this month (happened to be my month) had offered me a 20% discount. For anything!! Grab! Grab! Grab! Kaaa-Chiingg~!! $$$

Another place I love to visit is Romantika. Yeah I noticed that there is another branch at Wangsa Walk Mall! (Too observant when I went out with my friend a month ago hahaha) other than in Shopping Mall at S.Alam and Kajang. Terima kasih to Romantika which didn't offer any member card hahaha I'm not a shopaholic doh! But I'll become manic when I were in there!

Terlalu gilakan semua lagu Ingrid Michaelson. Sweet!!

Nota Tangan:

Barakallahulakuma wa baraka'alaik to my friend Thykhah who is getting married in April and my best buddy getting enggaged next February. OK, aku hanya menjadi saksi dari kaca mata lensa sahaja. Tahniah. I'm happy for you girls!