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Salam :) Hoping that everyone is normal muahah :P

2nd day in Temerloh Psychiatry Department is sooo differ with 2nd day in HKL heheh I found myself floating with delight in this posting.

Specialists in both hospitals are sooo supportive and kind and willing to teach us :) So I'm quiet motivated right now. Still not too late ok! hoyehh hooyeehh!! :)


I found a patient who is very interesting. I guess. So I'm trying to use my special power (OK this is not a delusion of grandiosity heee :P) because I think it's working as happened to be that I did it on one of the patient in HKL, and I managed to interview him :P

Me: S cakap dengan siapa tu?

S: Saya cakap dengan Sabri.

Me: Siapa Sabri tu?

S: Dia kawan saya. Dia ada kuasa. Saya amik kuasa saya, dia amik kuasa dia. Dr nampak tak kuasa saya?

Me: Nope. (OK, I'm not good in acting)

Minutes later..

Me: S, kita borak-borak boleh? Dr nak tahu ape yang S buat dengan Sabri

S: Boleh. Nak borak kat mana Dr?

Me: Takpa2, S duduk sini saja....

Suddenly, he was very pre-occupied

Me: S pandang siapa?

S: Tu ha, ada perempuan tu dia cakap cakap dengan saya

Me: Siapa nama dia? Rupa dia macam mana?

S: Nama dia Nura. Muka dia macam awak! (Lepas tu dia pandang ke arah sinki and pointing to 'me').



Kat HKL dengar Auditory Hallucination, and the voice claimed to be me. And now, this chap is thinking that I'm talking to him. Aku masih ada 3 minggu untuk berada dengan dia.

Nota Tangan Comot:

Ada sesiapa diluar sana yang tiba-tiba ternampak saya atau terdengar suara saya?

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  1. Noor™ On November 9, 2010 at 6:26 PM


    muhammad syafiq On November 9, 2010 at 9:00 PM

    Ada sesiapa diluar sana yang tiba-tiba ternampak saya atau terdengar suara saya?

    ada2, SAYA !!! hehe :D

    azaHmaeL On November 9, 2010 at 9:08 PM


    Noor: \(^o^)/

    Syafiq: Uisshh bahaya ni!! kene masuk ward dah nii :P

    muhammad syafiq On November 10, 2010 at 3:23 AM

    mana ward tu? kne register dlu ke sebelum masuk..

    haha :p


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