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Salam. Ehem..

Habis dah 1 posting dalam final year. So aku ade lagi 7 postings to go before the very end final exam. As was told before, my turn turned out to be on Tuesday so all the preparations were made based on the first group. They got gynae case for long case and obstet case for short case. Ok, fine.

On Tuesday: I was assigned to clerk patient on bed 14. Shit. Ini case berat ni wehh! Perkiraan aku samada case miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, cervical carcinoma or endometrial carcinoma or anything with history of bleeding. Ah!

Walked through the aisle with a rush to bed 14 and found out to be that my patient wasnt at her bed. Fuh! Serious lega.

"Dr, patient wasnt there" Cantik lah!

"Ok then, go to bed 5"

So I went straight away to bed 5 and I saw patient was on hartman and there's a daily urine ketone bottle on her table. Nice! Hyperemesis Gravidarum! Alhamdulillah.

There were Prof Siva, Prof Sham and Dr Murali on that day. Hoping no to have Dr Murali as my examiner. Tongue tight as usual. HAHAH

So I got Prof Sham for my long case. Presented the case as usual. Nahh! Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Tajuk simple. Tapi soalan dari dia, pergh! All topics were covered. Haha. Dari Molar pregnancy ke Multiple pregnancy dia tanya. Dan tak dilupakan our-long-long-not-to-be-forgotten Kreb's cycle and anerobic cycle. Gilos! Mana ingat! Ok. Fine.

Short case:

Suprapubic mass. Nasib baik dapat detect laparoscopic scars. Otherwise semua macam biasa. Showmanship dengan penuh kepoyoan dan confident tahap dewa walaupun salah sudah semestinya. 

 Janji rock.

Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan aku untuk ke hari itu

Next posting: Opthalmology!

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  1. Aimi Syahirah :) On September 16, 2011 at 1:05 PM

    Haha semart lah sis!
    Janji rock yaaa.


    azaHmaeL On September 16, 2011 at 8:35 PM

    haha janji rock sis. tetibe nak bercerita pasal soklan exam haha :P

    long way to go right? pulun habis-habisan and prove that you are smarter than them hehe tp at the same time, enjoy your life


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