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Salam 'alayk.

I've done several major and minor postings so far and yet still have a few other postings before I am completing my first round. Currently, I'm doing Paediatrics posting after sailing through a tough and arduos journey with dozen of complaints (Yeah, I love to complaint) but on top of that, it was an interesting posting (I'm talking about Orthopaedics posting). I don't like Paediatrics it is just the aura tak sampai-sampai. hahaha. I can't attune with children. I dont have the soft-hearted kind of affection. Bwah!

Since my life as a medical student for the past 5 years back, and for the past one year in my clinical phase, I have this kind of thought "Why medicine?" that keeps on popi
ng-up in my cortex and started to feel despair at the end of it. And I have to console myself everytime it happens.

Well, this is the beginning that changed everything and leads me to something.

I'm from Bangi. Living here since I was born which means that every single housing areas Ive been there to which were my playgrounds. It includes Yusof's area.

So, I have been schooled there up till my last day as a teenager All the histories, my poos and my urines Ive left there. I'm not a bright-shiny little girl. Not smart. Just ordinary tomboy-like girl. My PMR wasnt that good but wasnt that bad too. Well, not being accepted to enter to any of the boarding schools but it's okey, I dont want to be in any of it hahah

Continue my form 4 and form 5 at ordinary school and enjoying my life there. In loved with this chap and feeling like we owned the world. Well, chenta monyet. And finally he 'left' me as Allah loves him more. So, rearrange the chapter of my life. Went back to the road that was supposed to be trailed at the first place. Struggled like hell as I only have few monthes away before my SPM. That is my future. Not all those craps (love!) duh! Finally, my results werent that wow but not that bad. Alhamdulillah but regreted as I know I can do better it is just because of my kelalaian about duniawi.

Applied for UPU and matriculations. Didn't get any offer neither from JPA/MARA (well, padan
muka!) nor UPU. Don't know what course to apply. There are two things that I'm positive of.
Do chemical engineering or medicine.

Everyone wants to do medicine right? That is my ambition when people asked me.

But then, monthes later, KMNS accepted me. Nevertheless, I got into Physics course instead of Sains Hayat. Ok, menangis merayu-rayu minta ditukarkan ke Sains hayat (aku tak boleh nak digest all the Enstein-minded and all the rumus-rumus). After all the hardworks, got changed into Sains hayat. Weehuu! My boyish-like-appearance became bolder. DC Shoes doh!

Babah applied to do medicine at USIM for me. Accepted! Happy? Ye kot. My dream kan.

Miss Ju (my Cambridge teacher):
Why do you want to do medicine?

My answer: "To help people".

Entered! Everything were fine. No comments even one. Felt inferior among others. They all came from boarding schools. Good results. Excellent memories. Didn't have much friends that time doh! Hahah. Again, Struggle! Struggle!Struggle! Praise to Allah, Ive got it. Kali ni I felt that I deserved it. :')

Year 1, 2 and 3 were great! I didn't see or recognize the challenges out there. All I know were Anatomy, Biochem and Physiology. Nothing else. I dont even has the idea to correlate it with my field (ngok ngek). I couldn't see it!! My dean always said this, "Kaki dah cecah air dah, teruskan lah". Which means, kaw dah buat medic, teruskan aje lah!

4th year and 5th year really open my eyes that were shut previously. Mula mengagau to fit in with what Ive learned years back with my situation now. Hah! Day by day, life is not as what I'm expecting it to be. Tougher. More critics. More competitions. More conspiracies. More stories. More hardworks. Need more focus! Need everything lah! And less sleep please! Once more my dean said, "Air dah sampai kat leher, nak patah balik pun rugi". Ciss.

Here I am, to help people. Why do I have to complaint eventho there's less lecturer? Kita kan pioneer. Dulu UM pun macam ini juga. (Ok sedapkan hati). Kene fight dengan UIA students for patients, rebutlah!

Dream big! Make the best out of it!- Dr Dee

Be strong and happy always!- Mr Bob

La tahzan, Azah. -Prof Zainab

Jangan fikir kamu diabaikan.- Miss Suryasmi

I'm learning about life through people around me.

fm3a: Owned by my father. Selongkar office dia and wohoo!! I thought it still can be used. Baru nak rembat tapi motor tak jalan. tsskk :'( Macro beb. Macro!!

I love photography. I can see what the naked eyes couldn't see. I can see the real world through lenses. Inspired when I saw those pictures taken by SN, Otosan, Amroose etc etc etc and started when my brother bought one. Boosted by my friends Tykhah and Sapek. It is just that I dont have enough time to learn all these things. But how come my friends boleh? Ceh. It is just my hobby. Tak terfikir untuk buat side-income. Why? I'm not calling myself a photographer as my knowledge about this field is too shallow. I don't deserve to be called that. I put myself at the beginner level (instead of amateur ok!) until my brother can accept all my products. Tanaklah called yourself a photographer sedangkan your works macam pakai compact.

So, I learn both at the same time. Jimat masa! Hehehe :) Need to learn more.

My dream is to have Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG Macro (Price: 1.5K) Erk!


Workhard! Studyhard! Studysmart! Playhard!- Miss Lynn Azura

Akan aku berusaha sedaya upaya!

Nota Kaki:

Enjoy je lah baca panjang-panjang hahah

(10) Comments

  1. aw3rz On September 18, 2010 at 12:38 AM

    Motor apa yang tak jalan kat kamera tu? Ingatkan mechanical.

    Rilek-rilek saja. Biasalah ada masa rasa gembira, ada masa macam nak bunuh diri.

    Jalan terus saja.

    muhammad syafiq On September 18, 2010 at 12:40 AM

    setuju dgn Prof. Zainab ;)

    azaHmaeL On September 18, 2010 at 11:29 AM


    aw3rz: bukan motor kriss ok hahah bila mount kat body die tak gerak. abang kata motor tataw lah motor ape tak tanya detail lak huaha

    syafiq: yeah. kan kan ;)

    GuGu On September 18, 2010 at 8:12 PM


    aw3rz On September 18, 2010 at 8:16 PM

    Lens tak gerak untuk fokus? Bukan tu kamera manual focus ke?

    Kalau nak hantar servis, dekat Plaza Mutiara Jalan Ipoh ada Cheah Camera Service. Dalam RM250 macam tu la untuk CLA.

    azaHmaeL On September 18, 2010 at 9:50 PM


    GuGu: tengs gugu heheh asal name kamu pelik? kehkeh

    aw3rz: tak gerak langsung kot! hahaha ye ke rm250 je?

    aw3rz On September 18, 2010 at 10:47 PM

    Macam lens je yang stuck. Kalau CLA biasa tanpa tukar apa-apa memang dalam RM250. Tapi kalau ada apa-apa major problem aku tak pasti la tu. Try la tanya.

    Hariry Ariffin On September 19, 2010 at 1:10 AM

    gi repair. fm2 tu!

    GuGu On September 19, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    to kak azah>>
    nama plik, tp short+simple. snang sbut,snang ingat :DD

    azaHmaeL On September 19, 2010 at 8:54 PM


    aw3rz: Body pon problem gak rasenye.

    Hariry: Errr Nak sponsor tak? khkehkeh :P

    Gugu: :P yeahh sampai bebile akak ingat hehehe


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