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Dear Mr Diary..

"...When they say women are the most complicated creatures in the world, I am more surprised and yet flummoxed by knowing that men are actually the most weird creatures I ever known"

Women: They tend to make simple things complicated and they like to think about small yet minute things, jumping from issue to another and becoming impulsive towards the end. Dont you realized it? I do.

Men: On the other hand, they are simpler than women. They take everything as easy as possible. They tend to ignore. They claimed "Ignorance is a bliss" (?). But somehow, they have this weird behaviour. They talk when they feel like talking, and they will walk away when they feel like doing so. Later, they come back whenever they want, as if there's nothing happened. Nak admit?

Despite of all these, we are unique. We are compliment each other. We need to learn and understand each other. Neither underestimating your partner nor following your damn super-ego tak bertempat itu.

"...Dan tiap-tiap jenis Kami ciptakan berpasangan, supaya kamu mengingati (kekuasaan Kami dan mentauhidkan Kami)". Adz-Dzaariyaat 51:49


ps: Jangan benarkan dia pergi... Berusaha lagi, selebihnya bertwakkal. Allah knows best!

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  1. Bintuhambali On November 28, 2011 at 9:19 PM

    n please NEVER n EVER mix and match between Islam n Jahiliah... cheers..:D


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